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The PayChip removable contactless payment chip is demonstrated at Baselworld on March 17 Photographer: Michele Limina/Bloomberg Mondaine will start offering its PayChip, which can make mobile payments with NFC technology, as an extra for some of its watches for no added cost by August, Chief Executive Officer Andre Bernheim said in an interview at the Baselworld fair Thursday. They will first go on sale in Switzerland and may enter three other markets in Europe this year. The watches start at 200 francs ($206). The chip fits into a slot on the bottom of the strap and can be transferred to as many as 10 Mondaine watch models. Mondaine is one of several Swiss watchmakers adding electronic functions to its watches as Apple Inc. encroaches into its territory. The watchmaker started selling its Helvetica Smart model for 850 francs last year, offering fitness and sleep-tracking features. Some Swiss watchmakers have been approaching smartwatches with a different tack, with Richemonts IWC and Montblanc brands deciding to put the intelligent functions into the wristbands rather than the watch. That way, when the technology becomes obsolete, the owner can change the strap and keep the luxury timepiece. Were looking into adding more intelligent functions into the strap in the future, Bernheim said.

There arecurrently two collections: The M-Line, which it describes on its site as "all function, all form" and the C-Line, which espouses classic elegance and contemporary design.The M-Line retails for $400-$1,100, while the C-Line retails for $600-$1,350. Both collections arerelative stealscompared to those of other watchmakers. Now, if it's a Rolex Daytona or Patek Philippe Aquanautwatch your heart is truly after, Uniform Wares might not be for you. If status symbols don't hold much interest for you, though, you'll enjoy the quiet luxury of these timepieces. "Our primary concern is to create high-quality products that are a result of our passion, consideration and care," the brand explains. "This is one reason why you will never find a logo on the dial of a Uniform Wares watch; after all, any branding would interrupt the design." Watches are deeply personal purchases that require proper consideration. So have a look below and see if one catches your eye. Uniform WaresSome of the watches you can purchase in the M-Line collection, which retails for $400-$1,000. "Unmistakably Uniform Wares, the M-Line case design is an exercise in modernism. Its symmetry, proportion, and legibility are uninterrupted by the seamless junction of the strap to the case."Going from left to right, the M-Line case design in 37mm, 40mm, and 42mm, respectively. Each case size has nine watches, with varying leather and nylon straps and dial colors. M37 Two-Hand Watch, $400-$500. | M40 Date Watch, $600-$700.

We visited neighborhood and knowledgable view dealer, Chris La Galle through the Watch Gallery in Melbourne and asked him the simple concern, ‘what watches should we start obtaining now?' Thankfully then offered united states many nuggets of information. This particular aspect talks about affordable choices to help you getting a savvy enthusiast.While low-priced watches are generally mass-produced by unskilled laborers (usually in poorer nations in which quality control” is practically unusual), skilled artisans are behind the crafting of luxury timepieces. Army especially the IWC Mk10, Mk 11 are often desired. Check out some of the forums/blogs they generally have actually a collecting section. We purchased a two-tone SS/YG GMTIIC Rolex in 2008 and chose to spend the it a-year later in London - it was in decent problem with some light scuffing for the gold links but I squeezed about £400 above the thing I'd initially taken care of it.Patek-Philippe, Rolex, Jaeger-Lecoultre (JLC), Panerai tend to hold price much better than brands like Omega, Breitling,Tag, Cartier, an such like.

The watch measures 46mm and features a more rugged case design. The grooves make it look similar to the Samsung Gear S2 Classic . The watch will also be available in navy blue paired with a leather strap, a combination that appeals to me. The Q Wander and Q Marshal share the same features as the Q Founder. All three models are powered by Google's Android Wear operating system, which let Android and iPhone owners view calls and text messages right from their wrist. Android Wear isn't our favorite platform — it lacks the finesse of those from Apple and Samsung. It also appears that neither watch includes an optical heart-rate sensor, a feature found in a majority of smartwatches from companies such as Apple, Samsung and Motorola. The Fossil Q Founder sitting on the ridiculously large wireless charger. Sarah Tew/CNET You will likely have to charge the watches daily. Both support wireless charging, but instead of the bulky padded charger used with the Q Founder (pictured above), the Q Wander and Q Marshal will come with a slim charger that resembles a hockey puck. An exact release date wasn't announced.

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